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Oscar winner Kevin Macdonald’s treasure hunt adventure ‘Black Sea’ starring Jude Law as a submarine captain with a mutinous misfit crew will get a limited release January 23, Focus Features said today. Written by Dennis Kelly, Black Sea also stars Scoot McNairy, Ben Mendelsohn, Konstantin Khabenskiy and Michael Smiley. The only wide release dated that weekend is Universal’s Blumhouse thriller The Boy Next Door, directed by Rob Cohen and starring Jennifer Lopez.


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Focus Features have released first production stills for Jude’s upcoming movie, ‘Black Sea’ via Entertainment Weekly. You can see them in the gallery. Below you will also find the EW article that gives us a bit more insight into the movie and Jude’s character.

Jude Law is a handsome man. He’s got the look of a wealthy, privileged playboy and has been cast as such more than a few times in his career. So when The Last King of Scotland director Kevin Macdonald started looking for a blue-collar guy to take on the lead role in his submarine thriller Black Sea, it’s easy to understand why he was hesitant to even consider the golden boy.

“I wanted somebody in their middle age and who was British and who could convincingly be a blue-collar guy,” Macdonald told EW. “If you look around Hollywood, there aren’t very many who look like that and certainly not stars. I went to see him thinking ‘well Jude Law is great, but he’s not really him.’”

But Law isn’t afraid of making an unglamorous transformation, whether he’s sporting rotting teeth for Contagion, yellowed fingernails for Road to Perdition, or an exaggerated receding hairline for Anna Karenina. He quickly convinced Macdonald that he could play the role of an embittered and unemployed former Navy man. Law adopted an Aberdeen accent, put on weight, built up his forearms and shoulders, shaved his head and let the stubble grow out and suddenly, he wasn’t the lithe Dickie Greenleaf anymore. He was a man you could imagine gathering a group of hardened Russian and British seamen for a trip to disputed waters, in search of treasure that might be sitting at the bottom of the Black Sea in a World War II era U-boat.

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Focus Features announced today that director Kevin Macdonald’s Black Sea, starring Jude Law, has started filming in the UK. Here’s the press release:

Two-time Academy Award nominee Jude Law captains the cast of Black Sea, the suspenseful adventure thriller being directed by Academy Award winner Kevin Macdonald (One Day in September) and produced by Charles Steel for Cowboy Films. Black Sea, which will be released in 2014, is co-produced and co-financed by Focus and Film4. Focus CEO James Schamus and Focus co-CEO Andrew Karpen made the announcement today.

Focus holds worldwide rights – excluding U.K. free-TV rights, which are held by Film4 – to the movie. Focus executive vice president, international production Teresa Moneo is supervising Black Sea for president of production Jeb Brody. Filming has commenced in the U.K.

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Jude Law spent three days on a Plymouth-based nuclear submarine to prepare for his next film. The Hollywood A-lister immersed himself in the day-to-day life of a submariner when he joined the crew of HMS Talent.

The Sherlock Holmes star was even presented with an honorary set of dolphins in the traditional way – catching the badge in his teeth when drinking a shot of rum.

Leading Seaman Anthony “Rattler” Morgan was on board when Mr Law joined the crew in June. He said: “He was really down to earth, went around every department, worked out with the captain and ate in all the messes with everyone.”

LS Morgan added: “He was preparing a for a film role where he plays a submarine captain with a mixed Russian and British crew going gold hunting.”

The film, called Black Sea, began filming earlier this month. HMS Talent returned to her Devonport base on Wednesday.


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Jude is interested in diving down to dark depths for Kevin Macdonald, signing on to lead Black Sea.

Focus Features has snapped up the worldwide rights to the film, written by Dennis Kelly. The plot finds Jude as a submarine captain who gets laid off by a salvage company.

Looking to make some money, and possibly get one up on his former employers, he accepts a gig from a shadowy backer to hunt for a stolen, sunken submarine currently sitting at the bottom of the Black Sea.

Putting together a crew of Russian and English sailors to complete the task, the captain begins to realise that he might be a little too far out of his depth and that his decidedly untrustworthy crew might be more dangerous than he first thought. Probably not the safest situation when you’re in a pressurised metal container deep beneath the ocean’s surface…