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Hi everyone! My name is Maria, and I’m the original owner of Lawless. Sadly, Luciana is no longer able to run the site, so she has kindly handed it over to me. In the following weeks I’ll be working on the site behind the scenes and updating it whenever there’s Jude-related news.

A few days ago Open Road Films released a second official trailer for Steven Soderbergh’s ‘Side Effects’, which you can see right here:

The film traces the journey of Emily Taylor (Rooney Mara), a disturbed lady who seeks medical help to deal with the upcoming release of her husband (Channing Tatum) from prison. The promo begins with Taylor expressing her love for her hubby to doctor Jonathan Banks (Jude Law). To deal with this anxiety, she starts taking the prescribed drugs, and things (including her sex life) finally get back on track as she has Tatum by her side now. The happy phase is not here to stay for too long though since someone is murdered. But certain questions like who is murdered, by whom, why, and how, remain unanswered! To make things worse, Tatum and the police suspect that the relationship between Banks and Taylor is more than what a doctor and a patient share. In short, a captivating crime drama awaits!

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New images of Jude on Side Effects has now been added to the gallery.

On this movie Rooney Mara stars as a young woman who is taking huge amounts of prescription medication to deal with her anxiety and depression. Her drug abuse leads her into a dangerous love triangle with two men – her newly paroled husband (Channing Tatum) and her doctor (Jude Law).

Side Effects will be released on February 8 in the US, and March 15 in the UK.

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Open Road started the promotion for Side Effects, the psycho-thriller from Steven Soderbergh. It was launched this week a website, part of a viral marketing strategy, on which Jude Law is pushily marketing a psychopharmaceutical called Ablixa. Check the website below:

Screen captures of the video can now be found in our gallery:

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Before he throws down a smoke bomb and vanishes into what we’re hoping will only be temporary hiatus, Steven Soderbergh is still delivering movies. His latest is psychological thriller Side Effects (originally known as ‘The Bitter Pill’, which sees Rooney Mara being drawn into a dangerous drama with her doctor (Jude Law) and husband (Channing Tatum).

Soderbergh has largely been able to keep the plot of the new film under wraps, though we do know that Mara will be the troubled Emily, whose life begins to unravel and she starts seeing a therapist (Law). It seems she’s having trouble dealing with the release of her paroled hubby, but the drug that Law prescribes has, as the title suggests, some dodgy side effects.

But from the looks of this, there’s a lot more to it than that, especially as she appears to grow closer to the medical man, which in turn brings his motives into question. Given the batch of returning Soder-burghers (including Catherine Zeta-Jones, Law and Tatum) and the presence of Mara, we’re hoping for good things from this one.

With a script by Contagion’s Scott Z Burns, Side Effects it set to arrive on March 15 next year.

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I’ve added 11 albums of the on sets of The Bitter Pill.

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