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Jude Law covers T Magazine, with a feature that takes great pains to continue that “now that the actor isn’t as good looking, they can take on more serious roles” thing. I’m sure we all have no problems in disagree.

This month, Law turns the interesting age of 40, and in his most recent film, an adaptation of “Anna Karenina” directed by Joe Wright, he plays Karenin, Anna’s morally severe, emotionally barren, piously dutiful, highly controlling pain in the neck of a husband — all Old Testament, no sex appeal. A few years ago, Law would have been everyone’s choice as Vronsky, Anna’s lover, the story’s romantic hero and shallow eye candy, but those days have passed, he said, and good riddance to them.

“In a weird way, it’s kind of a relief to think, ‘Oh, I know I’m not that young sort of pretty thing anymore,’ ” he said. “It’s quite nice talking about what it was like to be the young pretty thing, rather than being it.”

You can read the whole article on their website, but I have added in our gallery scans and the photo shoot session so enjoy it!

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