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First reviews for ‘Dom Hemingway’ are coming online, and it seems Jude’s performance has impressed everyone who got a chance to see the film at the screeining in Toronto. I personally can’t wait for the film to hit the big screen after reading these reviews!

Jude Law is absolutely on fire as Hemingway. Law has had plenty of great performances in his career, but this one is easily my favorite. Law approaches Dom with all of the seriousness of a Shakespeare character. The actor’s commitment to his character makes Hemingway’s unrelenting vanity and spite truly mind-blowing. Sheperd’s vulgar language rolls off Law’s tongue like beautiful poetry. The Oscar-nominated actor also handles the emotional side of the character, but the comedy is where Dom is untouchable. – Collider

Now that Law’s a little older, and a tad more rumpled, he feels like an actor prime for reinvention, and Shepard gives him the opportunity. This is Law as you’ve never seen him before, with a thick (or as he’d pronounce it here- fick) cockney accent, a hard man beard, and a bit of a gut. He’s certainly a long way from Alfie, and he looks cool as hell. I really can’t oversell how amazing Law is here. From his opening five minute monologue where he waxes poetic on the beauty of his penis while getting fellated by another prisoner, Law’s out-of-control good. He also manages to walk the same fine line Brosnan did in Matador, in that he’s probably unhinged, but somehow manages to stay likable. You see, underneath it all, Dom has a good heart, and just wants to do right by his daughter. And, if he can possibly get rich while doing about a pound of cocaine and sleeping with every prostitute in sight, that’s all the better. […] Law’s going to win himself a lot or new fans with this, his best role in years. It feels like it could be the start of a whole-new facet of his career, as he plays dark comedy really well, and makes a convincing hard-man now that he’s older. To me this played out as one of the breakout hits of TIFF, and is not to be missed. Dom Hemingway is fan-f**king-tastic! – JoBlo.com

Jude Law has a fine old time playing foul-mouthed ex-con safecracker Dom Hemingway in Richard Shepard’s engagingly off-beat black comedy crime tale. It is a performance that cries out for attention, and while perhaps too brutal to appeal to some awards voters it is one of Law’s best turns, brimming with energy, brio and a real sense of dark fun […] What gives the film its hilariously biting heart are the powerful and enthralling performances from Jude Law and Richard E Grant as deliciously outlandish villains. They are big, bawdy and brutal villains, but you just can’t help love them. – Screen Daily

Law is outstanding in the title role, to no surprise. He is a much better actor when he’s uninhibited and given as much to do as possible and he does not disappoint, going absolutely all out in a role that must have come with a little reluctance at first, but once he was in character I can only imagine it became increasingly freeing to be able to do, say and act however he wanted. – Rope of Silicon

Mixing two parts Irvine Welsh, one part “Bronson,” a few dashes of perversity, all wrapped in a blanket of excess, Jude Law takes that bundle, bites heartily into the role of Dom, chews it up, swallows and pisses it right back out with glee. “Dom Hemingway” doesn’t work at all if it’s not cast right, but this is Law at the most outrageous and loutish as we’ve ever seen. Simply put, he’s a goddamn firecracker. Shepard gives him wide room to play, and a helluva character to tackle, and a beefed up, nicotine stained Law has never been this larger than life on the big screen before, or as audaciously entertaining. He’s a foaming-at-the mouth, blast. – The Playlist

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