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Jude Law (born 29 December 1972) is an English actor, film producer and director.

He began acting with the National Youth Music Theatre in 1987, and had his first TV role in 1989. After starring in films directed by Andrew Niccol, Clint Eastwood and David Cronenberg, he was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in 1999 for his performance in Anthony Minghella’s The Talented Mr. Ripley. In 2000 he won a BAFTA Award as “Best Supporting Actor” for his work in the film. In 2003, he was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance in another Minghella film, Cold Mountain.

He is on the Top Ten List from the 2006 A-list of the most bankable movie stars in Hollywood. In 2007, he was honoured with the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres conferred by the French government; he was named a “Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres”. He was a member of the main competition jury at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival.

Early Life
Jude Law was born December 29, 1972 in Lewisham, South London, England as second child to teachers Maggie and Peter Law. He grew up in Blackheath, a village in the Borough of Lewisham and he was educated at John Ball Primary School in Blackheath and Kidbrooke School in Kidbrooke, before attending the Alleyn’s School in Dulwich.

Personal Life
Law’s parents live in France, where they run their own drama school and theatre. His sister Natasha is a well-regarded illustrator and artist, living in London.

Law met Sadie Frost while working on the film Shopping. They married on 2 September 1997 and divorced on 29 October 2003. He is the father of four children: Finlay Munro (stepson of Law, born 20 September 1990), son Rafferty (born 6 October 1996), daughter Iris (born 25 October 2000) and son Rudy (born 10 September 2002).

While making the film Alfie in late 2003, Jude and co-star Sienna Miller began a relationship, becoming engaged on Christmas Day 2004. On 8 July 2005, Law issued a public apology to Miller for having an affair with the nanny of his children. Miller and Law separated in November 2006.

On 29 July 2009, it was announced that Jude would become a father for the fourth time following a brief relationship with American model Samantha Burke in 2008. Burke gave birth to a daughter, Sophia, in September 2009 in New York.

In December 2009, it was reported that Jude and Sienna had rekindled their relationship after starring in separate shows on Broadway in late 2009. They announced they had split again in February 2011.

– For his role as a sniper in Enemy at the Gates, Jude studied camouflage, military approach, and how to handle the weapon.
– Jude and ex-wife Sadie Frost have their own production company Natural Nylon. They formed it with their good friends Ewan McGregor, Jonny Lee Miller, and Sean Pertwee.
– Jude is a big fan of English actor Sir Laurence Olivier. As a matter of fact, it was his idea to use archive footage of the deceased actor in the 2004 movie Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow so Olivier could play the film’s villian.
– Jude is a fan of the graphic novel Watchman by Alan Moore and has a tattoo of the character Rorschach.
– Jude is the UN’s Ambassador for Peace Day.
– Jude fell backwards and broke a rib while filming the murder scene on the boat in The Talented Mr. Ripley.
– Jude has four children with ex-wife actress Sadie Frost: Rafferty, Iris, Rudy, and his stepson Finlay Munro.
– Jude has no problem with nudity.
– Jude has one sibling, an older sister Natasha, who is a well-regarded illustrator and artist.
– Jude has 2 dogs named Porgy and Bess, which he gave as gifts to ex-girlfriend Sienna Miller. But in 2006, they were returned to him because she had no time to care for them.
– Jude’s height is 5’11” tall.
– Jude kept the shirts from his characters from 1999’s The Talented Mr. Ripley, 1997’s Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, and 1997’s Gattaca, which were from the scenes where the character was killed.
– Jude learned to play the saxophone for the 1999 movie The Talented Mr. Ripley.
– Jude’s parents now run a fringe theatre company in France.
– Jude ranked at #5 for Best Dressed Man in Britain by GQ magazine in 2007.
– Jude ranked at #29 on VH!’s 100 Hottest Hotties.
– Jude sacrificed his 2006 Christmas holiday to direct and act in the play Romeo and Juliet in a South African orphanage in Durban.
– Jude supports Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.
– Jude was awarded the chevalier of the Ordre Des Arts Et Des Lettres medal, one of France’s top honors, in 2007. He was awarded it for what he has done as an actor, what he has done in cinema, and what he does as a person.
– Jude was once roommates with actor Ewan McGregor.
– Jude was part of a panel of celebrity judges in a contest for young UK filmmakers on February 23, 2005.
– On November 17, 2004, Jude was named People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive.”
– The band Brand New has a song named after him, Jude Law and a Semester Abroad, which is on their album “Your Favorite Weapon.”
– To get in shape for his role in Cold Mountain, Jude took up lumberjacking, so the work-out would be realistic for the character of Inman.
– When joining N.Y.M.T, Jude was accidentally placed in the wrong dormitory because they thought he was a girl because of his name. Jude didn’t say anything, but he was soon caught and moved to the proper one.
– When Jude visited Afghanistan in 2007, he had to go through a rigorous training program by the united Nations that prepared him for hostile situations such as kidnapping and being hel? hostage.

“We all have times when we go home at night and pull out our hair and feel misunderstood and lonely and like we’re falling. I think the brain is such that there is always going to be something missing.”

“There’s no regret. You can’t regret. I mean, I’ve felt regret but I’ve also refused to allow regret to sow a seed and live in me because I don’t believe it. You feel it, it’s like guilt, it’s like jealousy, it’s like all those horrible things. You’ve just got to snip them and get them out, because they’re no good.”

“I’m not Tom Cruise. Very few British actors are. If you look at the body of work I’ve done it’s pretty obvious I’m not going to make a ‘Mission: Impossible.'”

“I would never know how to sell myself as a sex symbol. That`s not how I`m programmed.”

“I`ve always thought Prince Charming in Cinderella was the most boring role; I`d rather be the Wicked Witch.”

“I have no problem with nudity. My friend Ewan and I are starkers in most of our films.”

“The only film I ever made for money was something called Music From Another Room, which I really didn`t like.”

“Face it, I didn’t become famous until I took my clothes off.”

“I only want to do the kind of work that I would like to go and see, that`s going to teach me something new, that involves working with people I can learn something from and I can give something to.”

“I don’t consider myself any great sage of fashion or style, whatever people may want to think.”

“I never thought I had to forge a family, but it felt the most natural thing that ever happened to me – meeting someone and becoming a father.”

“I’m incredibly boring; I had a very happy childhood. I never starved, nor did I have a silver spoon in my mouth. I’m one of those terribly middle-of-the-road, British middle class, South London gents.”

“I’m not called Jude Law, I have three names; I’m called ‘Hunk Jude Law’ or ‘Heartthrob Jude Law’. In England anyway, that’s my full name. That’s the cheap language that’s thrown around, that sums you up in one little bracket. It doesn’t look at your life. But if one looks beyond, there is actually a little bit more.”