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Jude Law and director Guy Ritchie teamed up again in Paris yesterday. But before you get your hopes up for a new film, they’re not working on the next Sherlock Holmes flick; they were actually filming a commercial for French fashion brand Christian Dior.

Jude was spotted driving a vintage Mercedes around the city of lights and hanging out under the Eiffel Tower for the ad. Guy and Jude were also spotted chatting it up in between scenes.

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But, don’t expect to see Jude taking in the sights of Paris this week. He took the train from his hometown of London for the shoot yesterday and was rumored to be hopping right back on the Eurostar as soon as they wrapped. Not only did Jude avoid airport security by taking the train, he also saved some money. A Eurostar ticket from London to Paris only costs £69 ($102). And, probably thanks to the smoothness of his travel, he was in such a good mood when he arrived at the Gare du Nord station in central Paris that he even stopped to sign autographs for several waiting fans.

Law has appeared in several Dior campaigns already, including TV spots for Dior Homme Sport and Dior Homme Intense. It looks like the Paris shoot is for a new Dior fragrance too, and travel-themed fashion always tickles our fancy.


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1 Response to “Jude Takes the Train to Paris For Christian Dior”

Stella said on June 22nd, 2010

I saw a few pictures of one Dior add and it was good–but they could have done better; I mean hey, ,. no color ! They should have captured his green eyes in a photo. Did anyone here see that T.V. commercial ? What did you think of it ?
Too bad they don’t put those adds in women’s magazines ! That would sell .

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