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The dad-of-four won with 69% of the vote in a poll conducted by fashion website My Celebrity Fashion.
It was the actor’s ‘formal look’ and ‘well groomed appearance’ that saw him take the crown with Jonny Depp ranking closely behind him in second place because of his ‘individuality’.
David Beckham, who is in South Africa supporting his England team mates in the World Cup at the moment, came in at third place with the most common reason being his ‘expensive wardrobe.’
Others celebrity dads that made the shortlist included Ben Affleck, Guy Ritchie, Will Smith and Matthew McConaughhey.

The Marketing Director of the site, Andy Barr, said: ‘The fact that Jude Law beat Johnny Depp to the top spot was somewhat surprising, given Depp’s infamous enviable style.’

‘Yet his tailored, clean cut style mixed with classic muted colours are extremely easy for men to achieve, and therefore instantly more attractive to those trying to emulate a celebrity style; unlike Depp’s eclecticism.’

The Top 10 Most Stylish Celebrity Dads:

1 Jude Law (69%)

2 Johnny Depp (65%)

3 David Beckham (57%)

4 Robert Downey Jnr (51%)

5 Gavin Rossdale (45%)

6 Guy Ritchie (41%)

7 Will Smith (36%)

8 Matthew McConaughey (32%)

9 Ben Affleck (29%)

10 Jamie Redknapp (24%)


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7 Responses to “Jude Voted “Most Stylish Celebrity Dad””

Stella said on June 18th, 2010

Hmm? Sorry, but I find myself wondering ! Does he dress better in Britain than in America ? Oh , I hope so. Sometimes I want to apologize for his …er…shall I say “careless” attire . But when he’s dressed nicely he is very outstanding .

Stella said on June 18th, 2010

BTW : WHy do you feature that pix of him in the midst of a conversation –or talking ? Really- it isn’t flattering at all. Please use another photo . I’m refering to the shot below .

Michelle said on June 21st, 2010

That photo below is a photoshoot that was done by the Tony Awards.

Stella said on June 22nd, 2010

Thanks for mentioning that, but he takes such a good picture usually and there are hundreds of good ( fantastic ) pix of him I don’t know why Chelsa can’t use one of those for the feature picture here. I’m not really complaining; I appreciate this site but –come on –whoever has any say about it–how about getting a little more arty with his photos ???

My respects, ,

Stella said on June 23rd, 2010

No more comments ? Gee–I wish we could get some conversation going on this fansite ! That’s one thing that makes these fun ! And I’m interested in knowing what other fans ( or just visiters) are thinking .

Michelle said on June 23rd, 2010

Chelsa doesn’t run the website now. I do and have been for quite awhile. I used that picture as the feature picture because thats the only picture the Tonys website took for that particular article. I think Jude looks great no matter what. But his looks arent what matters anyway. Its his talent.

Stella said on June 24th, 2010

Please do not consider my comments on that picture of him as unfriendly criticism. I was hoping my honest thoughts on that subject could be constructive.

What you said about his looks not mattering, I can appreciate that, and yet there is more than one way to look at it. Unfortunately, when it comes to celebrities, esp. those in a glamour business like the movies etc. people really are prejudiced in favor of …lets just call it “beauty” . It’s kind of a vicious circle- an actor/actress doesn’t get attention and acclaim just because he/she is good at his work. Many aspiring actors are very good. The esculation of his career often hinges on his appearance–not fair perhaps, but true ( in my opinion ).

Because the entertainment business IS A BUSINESS it functions on selling it’s product, and that’s what makes them money. And , frustrating and unfair as it may be, the better lookinjg an actor is the more “product” the movie Industry sells !

It also helps an actor to stay in the limelight, so to speak.

Jude has had a hard time of it for the past 5 yrs. or so, and some of the public are merciless when it comes to forgiving him for his “pecadillos” of the past. That is an awful shame because he is one of the greatest talents in the business. Any comments ? It’s nice if we can get to talking. Maybe it will encourage others to join in the fun.

My best,


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