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Jude Law is all aboard to star with satirical actor Sacha Baron Cohen for the film adaptation of ‘The Invention of Hugo Cabret,’ according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Based on the 2007 bestseller by Brian Selznick, ‘Hugo Cabret’ unlocks the secret of an orphan (Asa Butterfield) who finds shelter in a Paris train station. In his travels, he finds a broken machine and befriends an outlandish girl Isabelle (Chloe Moretz) and a toy store manager.

Ray WinstoneChristopher LeeFrances de la Tour, andRichard Griffiths have also signed on to accompany Ben Kingsley and Helen McCrory in the live-action 3D film. Martin Scorsese and Johnny Depp will serve as two members of the producing team.

An England-based studio will be home to the movie’s production, which began on Tuesday. Scenes will also be shot on location in London and Paris, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The film will be ready for a holiday debut in December of 2011.

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2 Responses to “Jude Hops On Board “The Invention of Hugo Cabret””

Stella said on July 1st, 2010

This is a pleasant surprise. I just hope he plays the leading role because he is certainly a leading man. I just hope they don’t make him play a part/parts that are odd-ball like he played in “Artificial Intelligence ” ( a robot ) . The trouble with those sort of roles is that they don’t really show off his most outstanding asset – which is his FACE ! Of course his acting is excellent; I have never seen him do a bad or wishy-washy or blah job . But a lot of actors are good- the thing is they don’t have his kind of face. Comb his hair right or add a little strand here and there and he’s classic. Not many actors are .
Isn’t there anyone going to join me in these comments ? Come -on -lets have some fun.

B Orvalla said on November 19th, 2010

I am overjoyed at the news of a Jude-Sascha team up! What glorious fun! Jude should consider more comedy- he makes me laugh. Hey, STELLA! you’re right, why aren’t people commenting? I agree with you that he should be leading man in more movies, but they could shave him bald for all I care. It’s what the man exudes! He’s animated and alive from the inside out, and I love to watch him be-bop about.

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