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The 2010 Tony Awards will celebrate Broadway’s finest on June 13. This year is unique in the fact that Broadway’s best are also some of film and television’s most entertaining. With stars ranging from Denzel Washington to Kelsey Grammer and Christopher Walken, the evening promises to be intriguing for fans of entertainment.

TheImproper caught up with some of the event’s biggest nominees.

Jude Law, Best Performance by a Lead Actor in a Play (Hamlet)

“It’s really, really thrilling to be nominated. I thought Hamlet was on the wrong side of January, to be honest. Basically, to survive the run it became a very personal and physical journey. We were thrilled to do well in London, and then thrilled to do well in Denmark, and really thrilled to succeed here, but we were done and dusted, and sort of put the thing to bed in December. So now all these months later to be recognized is really, really good.”

On one of many great actors who have played Hamlet: “I don’t know, I never really thought of it like that. I suppose there are an awful lot of awful actors as well probably who have played Hamlet, too, aren’t there?” (laughs)

On the personality that he gave to the role: “You have to be Hamlet. Hamlet isn’t a role, he becomes you. I think that’s why each version is ultimately very different, because he kind of demands of you that you open yourself up to him. I think what I liked about him was ultimately his complexity between loving life and hating it all at the same time.”

On the challenges of playing Hamlet: “For me personally it was always physical. Eating the right things, sleeping the right amount, and being able to just get through eight shows per week for six months.”

On leaving the character at the end of the day: “It’s like a purge, you go to work and kind of get everything out, and then at the end of the day you’ve actually got nothing else left to give. What you miss when you finish doing the run is that purge. You suddenly realize you’ve got all this stuff in your head that you’ve got to carry around with you, and you’ve got no outlet for it.”

On his family’s reaction to his nomination: “I called my dad, and he kept asking ‘Tony? Tony who?’”

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Fawkes said on May 26th, 2010

Oh, I will cheering for Jude!! Come on, Jude Law!!! 😀

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