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Jude visited Ellen for her big birthday show yesterday. Jude said it had been nine years since he was last on the show and Ellen couldn’t believe it. Both agreed that it didn’t seem like that long.

Jude had a gift for Ellen: they were a pair of very nice looking Doc Martins. Ellen said she loved them.

Jude just turned 40 in December and Ellen asked him how he felt about it. Jude said that he thought whenever there is a zero in your age, it’s a good time to look back and think about how you spent the last 10 years and how you’d like to spend the next 10. He said he didn’t want to make the same mistakes and looked forward to the kind of work he’ll get in his forties. Ellen said she thought everything is better as you grow older and get more settled into your life.

Jude said his new movie ‘Side Effects’ with Rooney Mara was very slick and stylish with a fantastic twist. Jude plays a psychiatrist from the United Kingdom who is treating Rooney Mara’s character for anxiety. Ellen asked Jude if prescription medications were as prevalent in the UK as they are here in the States. Law said that he’d hate to perpetuate the stereotype of people from the UK being uptight, but he said that no one there really talks about seeing psychiatrists or taking drugs for anxiety and depression.

The last time Jude was on Ellen, Ellen gave him a bicycle. Because he has four kids now, Ellen decided to give him an even bigger bicycle, this time with more seating. It was a five person bicycle, shaped like a golf cart, with two steering wheels in the front. Ellen and Jude drove it all around the studio, riding past the confused gift shop employees, who Jude waved at. Check it out!

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